Month: March 2010

iPhone on Verizon? Uh…don’t think so.

Until Verizon solves the problem of not being able to do 3G data and voice at the same time I really don’t care about being able to use an iPhone on their network.  Of course there are people out there who will ask why you need to do such a thing and my response to them is ” because I can”.

Seriously though I have had multiple times where I’ve had to look up something while on a phone call on my iPhone.  I’d not like it if that option were taken away.  That would be the case on Verizon so I really don’t care how great their network is.  If I can’t do data/voice at the same time they can keep their network.

Gruber On: the Office 2011 for Mac “Save” Button

Over at Daring Fireball Gruber notes:

Icon for the Save button is still a floppy disk, despite the fact that Apple hasn’t sold a machine with a floppy drive for a decade.

So what do you suggest they put there John?  It’s a well-known icon regardless of platform 8-year olds not withstanding.  I suspect the 8-year olds probably haven’t used a manila folder either yet the open manila folder is a standard icon for opening files.

Flex time? … Or Fear?

CNN posted an article about the current trend to, when offered flex time options at work, turn them down.  The thought apparently is that face-time in the office is more important.   I can understand this to a certain extent if you have a boss who (mistakenly) equates face-time with quality of work.  In any other case I’m just not sure I understand why someone would turn down an offer of flex time from their employer, even with the current economy we find ourselves in.

The part that disturbed me most about this article however was the employee who had been using flex time options from her employer for three years. The article says about Jennifer Clarin:

But Clarin says she actually works harder at home. There’s no draining commute, and she makes sure she’s available for nights and weekends as a gesture of gratitude to her company, Boardroom Communications.

I completely reject the notion that because someone is using flex time options that they should make sure they’re available for nights and weekends…especially as a ‘gesture of gratitude’.   The fact is most people work harder and *more* hours if they work at home than in an office.  As noted for Clarin there is no commute time and someone working at home generally has fewer distractions, not more, than if they were working at the office.  If you’re working harder you shouldn’t then have to give up the rest of your life as a ‘gesture of gratitude’.

Both sides of the employment equation benefit from flex time options whether that means working from home, flexible hours, etc.   Scheduling things outside of work becomes easier for the employee and the employer gets better quality work.   I’m still trying to figure out why companies seem to be taking away these options these days instead of expanding them.

Pre-ordering the iPad is a fool’s game? Yeah right.

I know it’s an opinion piece but this article, reposted on Macworld, is really ridiculous.

Buying a new kind of product sight unseen is foolish. Especially given how mysterious Apple has been on what the iPad can do and what restrictions on capabilities and media access it will place on users and content providers.

Really?  Has Apple been mysterious?  I was pretty clear on what the iPad can do and what it can’t do based on the presentation from Steve Jobs when he introduced the device.   It’s based on iPhone OS  and has, currently, the same limitations as iPhone OS.   There are changes to account for the new screen and there are new applications but it’s a Wifi and/or 3G larger iPod Touch.   What is so mysterious about it?   And what restrictions and media access is Galen Gruman referring to that we don’t already know about?

I really wish people would just get over the fact that Apple makes good products.   If you don’t like them don’t buy them but stop faulting others for buying them.