Happy Thanksgiving

Despite the fact that Good Morning America started their broadcast this morning with a story about a plane crash that killed six people including children it’s been a pretty good day.

Parades watched on TV?  Check.  Walk at the forest preserve with the kids?  Check.  Good wine?  Check.  A great Thanksgiving dinner?  Well, at the time of this writing not quite yet but a check eventually.

Hope all of my US friends are having a wonderful Thanksgiving.

On having a clear head…

In my new experimentation with GTD I’ve learned something that I just never paid much attention to in the past:  energy level is a very important aspect of the whole system.   It’s great to have a list of stuff to do but if you never have the energy to accomplish anything the lists are pretty pointless.   I’ve got some big projects that require me to do a lot of mind work and I’ve found, and have come to accept, that doing those projects after work just isn’t going to cut it.   By the time the kids are in bed and I’ve already been engaged in work all day I just don’t have the mental capacity to start working on other things that require a lot of thought.   So I tried something different.

For several weeks I’ve been getting up about an hour earlier for a couple of days and it’s made me hugely successful in accomplishing some of my goals.   My brain is well-rested (well….most of the time anyhow) and I have more overall energy.  Those days I was able to get a lot done in the extra hour I had.   So tonight I’m starting that routine a bit more formally.  I’m going to go to bed earlier and wake up 2 hours early.   With the house quiet I can do whatever thinking I need with the energy I need and without the fear of being interrupted.

“None of you Twits are as clever as you think you are”.

So says the all-knowing “Mike”  in the comments on Roger Ebert’s post about how to Tweet.  Of course Ebert was going to get replies from the folks who supposedly don’t care or think it’s a waste of time.

“Holly Martins” chimes in:

Twitter is just another marketing tool for people like you. Good luck with it, I’m not interested.

For people like you?  Movie critics?   People who lost the ability to speak due to cancer surgery?  Curious what she means by that?   She’s so not interested she not only read a post by Ebert about Twitter she actually responded to let us all know just how little she cares.   She cares so little that she takes the time to comment on how disinterested she is?  How odd.

“Jim Stewart” contributes:

Much ado about nothing

I’d swear he was tweeting.

But there were a few gems like this bit by “Cynthia Langston”:

I’ve shunned tweeting, blogging, Facebook’ing, Ipad’ing and the like, preferring instead to spend the my precious time in the real world, having real life experiences. Then today, I realized that the bulk of my “real life experiences” involve standing in line at Target, arguing with idiots at customer service counters, glaring at jerks who make noise in movies and conversing with my friends about Dancing With The Stars. Need to rethink this.

That is actually a supremely tweetable bit if it could be edited down to 140 characters :)


Said Goodbye to Hostmonster.

My shared hosting account with Hostmonster is now closed after a year.   Overall I actually had a pretty good experience with them save for the ridiculous CPU throttling.  I understand why they do that however they have to really watch what they’re doing.   The way its working now is just a bit repressive.   It’s a non-issue now.   My blog is where I want it to be .  It’s cheap.  I don’t have to worry about updates.   I just need to actually write stuff :)