Interaction with a dragonfly. Landed on my leg while I was walking then let me snap a photo while on this plant. Wish I could have snapped the photo while it was sitting on my leg, much easier to see and more interesting of a pic.

Twitter is an absolute cesspool. I get that the situation right now with kids being housed after being separated from their parents is bad, but say it’s a concentration camp is disgusting. People playing semantics with me to try and cover themselves. Just disgusting.

Couldn’t get better weather than what we’re having today in Chicago. Perfect temperature. Low humidity. Unlimited sunshine. More please!

The answer to school shootings is very clear

and it doesn’t include arming our teachers

Actually lets expand that out to shootings in general. Get rid of the guns. Radically expand gun laws. Why is this difficult to understand? This article on the NBC News website spends many words talking about the gymnastics that school systems are doing right now trying to prevent the next (and given how often they are happening we know there will be a next) mass shooting at a school and it all reads almost like an article on The Onion.

This piece from Michael Diamond on the Think website from NBC News paints us a picture of the approach to firearms in the US military and it’s a stark contrast from how firearms are dealt with in private life. I know for sure that I prefer the military way.

I know there are many of my fellow citizens who are dyed-in-the-wool 2nd Amendment proponents. No matter how many children are killed at the hands of killers with all manner of firearms they will flatly refuse to believe that the solution is more strict control of guns. Like the jackass strutting around outside Santa Fe high school with his gun on his hip and carrying some stupid “Make America Great Again” sign they will continue to openly advocate for fewer rules on gun ownership. I simply can’t understand this mindset so I won’t try to.

Instead I’ll turn to the vast majority of right-thinking fellow citizens who realize we’ve got a serious problem in this country and the solution is more, not less, gun control and join with them in trying to get to the solution to this problem. I can tell you one thing, it’s not “thoughts and prayers”.

Pretty crazy weather this weekend here in the Chicago area but my 🍅, zucchini, and 🥒 are planted and ready to go! #gardening #veggiegarden #eatlocal #backyardtotable #backyardgardening

The swallows love to buzz your head when you’re walking through “their” area at the Fuller prairie area. This guy let me get close enough to take a decent photo with the phone.

🌺 The kid added a face to this pot because the flowers on both sides looked like hair. #flowers #flowerpots #flowerpot 🌺