Small b blogging

Via Om Malik a good piece on working on a small blog for reasons other than chasing an audience. I need to remember the lessons mentioned there and review them often 🙂

I do remember once, in a prior incarnation of this blog, writing an article about Whole Foods when they decided to stop offering plastic bags to shoppers. The piece got linked by a writer at the New York Times and the piece just exploded. To this day can’t believe how much traffic that piece generated for awhile. But obviously that becomes old news fast and traffic died and nobody cared anymore.

What was more satisfying was a simple how-to article I wrote up about syncing your iPhone with Google Calendar. At the time Google’s documentation for the procedure was terrible (and very hard to find) so I had many, many hits to that piece and it continued until I shut down the blog, even when Google’s own documentation had been improved both in visibility and content. At one point it was the first result that came up when you did a search for iPhone and Google Calendar. To this day I’m still proud of that piece. It was very satisfying to help so many people.

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