Couldn’t get better weather than what we’re having today in Chicago. Perfect temperature. Low humidity. Unlimited sunshine. More please!

Pretty crazy weather this weekend here in the Chicago area but my 🍅, zucchini, and 🥒 are planted and ready to go! #gardening #veggiegarden #eatlocal #backyardtotable #backyardgardening

The swallows love to buzz your head when you’re walking through “their” area at the Fuller prairie area. This guy let me get close enough to take a decent photo with the phone.

🌺 The kid added a face to this pot because the flowers on both sides looked like hair. #flowers #flowerpots #flowerpot 🌺

Chilling with a Chilly Water Pale Ale from Tighthead Brewing in Mundelein, IL. Love this stuff. Incredibly hoppy but only 4.8% ABV. Try some!