Closed my Facebook account tonight. I’ve had a love/hate, mostly hate, relationship with Facebook. I hate their business practices. I don’t like the way people act on there. It’s fake. I’ve felt for a long time that I needed to keep it open to keep in touch with people but the amount of time I’ve actually engaged in any conversation there is very small. It’s time to finally let it go.

This from Stehpanie Hurlburt:

I say this occasionally to normalize it:

I’ve never put code on GitHub
I’ve never done coding in my spare time for fun, side project, or portfolio
I’ve had a successful career as a developer

If you have done those things— great! Maybe I will too one day. But it isn’t necessary.

Before I had children I contributed to an open source project or two. I also still do the occasional coding for fun (but mostly for pay). I have never put anything on GitHub but I also consider myself successful as a software developer.

The notion that these things are necessary is silly.